Complete Cleaning Guide to Take Care of a Juicer



When your juicer gets gunk it becomes a health concern for your family. Since this gunk makes a suitable environment for the unsightly growing of bacteria. Hence if you notice gunk's building up on the wall of juicer it becomes an emergency to clean your juicer. Since cleaning juicer is a part of your daily routine, there are some ways for taking the pain out of getting the crannies and nooks of your juicer clean.


Necessary Things to Cleaning best masticating juicer 2019

  • Water for making it fresh.
  • Soft brush for a fine cleaning and removing the gunk properly.
  •  The mild dish soap would help to kill bacteria.
  • A spatula to reach the deepest level of the juicer while scraping it out.
  • Soft cloths for wiping after washing the juicer.

Steps for Cleaning a Juicer Completely 

  • Unplugging the juicer disassemble it.
  • Dump the container and scrape out with the spatula.
  • Rinse every piece with water.
  • To clean small areas use small brushes.
  • Use dish soap to clean more thoroughly.
  • Wash this with the soft cloth after soaking each piece.
  • Wipe down the machine with the soft cloth.
  • Allow it to dry.
  • Now, reassemble it and your cleaning is completed.

Some Additional Advice

  • If you use a juicer regularly, then it can quickly get tiresome to clean. While purchasing a juicer consider its cleaning method. Check how much it would take while committing to the particular model. 
  • Instant cleaning after juicing makes a great difference. It’s also good to clean with warm water. It makes cleaning easy for you. If you allow to dry it after juicing, then it may be glued, and that would be much more difficult to remove. So. If you plan it earlier, then it wouldn’t take that much time to clean it.
  • But in any case, if you forgot to clean it and hence gunk builds up on the wall then you may find it very difficult to clean it. I have a technique for such circumstances. You should try a fine grade of sand to scour the junk. If you don’t find sand, then dry ice can work out for slightly larger areas.
  • This is an important fact to remind you that, if you intend to apply mechanical washing method to clean it then pay attention to the care instructions. Because some removable parts just can’t tolerate the mechanical washing method. So, check first whether it requires hand washing. If so, then it would be better to avoid applying mechanical washing on it.



After going through all the previous lines I believe that now you know better how to keep your fruit juicer completely cleaned. If you maintain these steps properly I’m sure that you’re going to use your juicer for more days. Although I tried to mention all guidelines for cleaning a juicer completely, if you have more questions then let me know. I would like to answer them.